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TUTOR: Irish Sculptor Mary Quinn is teaching the full spectrum of Sculpture Techniques in a series of Workshops. Please email with your requirements and dates.


The photographs on your right show some examples of what you can achieve at my Masterclass Workshops. The Student David in the photographs is a complete beginner. The purpose of the Workshops is to teach sculpting techniques as taught by the old Masters to their apprentices. Students were never let loose on actual clients until they showed their mastery of techniques such as taking accurate measurements with calipers as well as training the eye to observe.

As a builder wouldn't build a house without Plans, so as a sculptor you need to know what your Plans are and how to use them to good effect. There are actual straightforward steps involved in creating a portrait bust, starting with your armature (which holds the weight of the clay) and following a simple set of rules which will lead to accomplishing your mission i.e. a good likeness to your sitter.

The apprentices were given a plaster Roman Bust to study and work from, in the same manner I give my students a simple bronze head to study and work from. I talk my students through every aspect of the modeling process, teach them how to use the Calipers for accurate measurements and teach them how and where to begin. I give demonstrations as I go along. I encourage note taking and recording of their work on a digital camera when possible.

When the clay head is ready I demonstrate and assist with the casting techniques. We make a simple 2 piece plaster waste mould followed by filling the clean prepared mould with a filler of your choice eg: plaster, resin bronze, resin marble or other type of filler. The plaster cast is then chipped out and the finishing processes are begun. This involves filing and mending seams and then the patination of the sculpture (getting the finished colour right) and finally the mounting of the head on an appropriate base or plinth.

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