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To Commission a Sculpture

Portrait Busts in Bronze

For a portrait bust Mary needs four sittings of approximately two hours each. She will either travel to your home or work place. It will at your expense if it is outside a twenty mile radius of London. Alternatively, you can come to her Studio and there is ample parking nearby. Prices are from �5,000 depending on size and complexity.

Mary can sculpt a bust in five days if working abroad. The sculpture can then be taken to a local Foundry to be cast in Bronze. Foundries usually take 4-6 weeks to cast the work.


Sittings, photographs and measurements will be required. The number of sittings will depend on the size and complexity of the figure. Cost will be decided after consultation with The Bronze Foundry and when Mary gets a quote for the casting.

A final word on figures

If a client requires any body casting (female bust or male torso etc.) Mary can arrange this with her Foundry. They have an expert whom she has known for twenty years. He does all the Body casting for Marc Quinn (no relation). He is one of the Brit Pack Artists, a contemporary of Damien Hurst, Tracy Emin etc. Prices will vary according to the finished medium.

Other Sculptures

Mary has over the years created:

Awards - Irish Post Awards 1991 and 1992 click for enlargement and description

Sculpted a three foot statue from: a Postcard -Our Lady of Walsingham. click for enlargement and description

A logo 16 inches x 6 inches from: a Business card. -Anhaga in Gothic letters. click for enlargement and description

Her greatest challenge was a life size whippet and being told she she couldn't see the whippet, as it was a Birthday Surprise. click for enlargement and description

Mary doesn't recommend this cavalier attitude with regard to animals or any one else. When she researched this project she discovered there were about 124 different varieties of whippet. She had to go round borrowing various whippet's to get the measurements and photographs.

So while Mary is up to any challenge, all she asks is, if you want your loved one, favourite bird of whatever species or animal sculpted please bring it along or at least bring good photographs or videos.

To paraphrase the above, a live sitter makes for the best sculpture. The only exception to that is the bust of Mother Teresa which I can only say was divinely inspired.


When the commission is agreed, Mary will require an initial deposit at the first sitting. A contract will be drawn up and signed by both parties.

click for enlargement and description
click for enlargement and description
click for enlargement and description
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